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Sponsor A Student

Royal Globe Inc. was founded as a solution to unemployment and low incomes. To give people the wherewithal to increase their income or to reduce their spending. While the job we do is a benefit to society, and we have made the cost of our programs affordable, there are still those who are unable to afford. 

Have you ever wanted to be a part of ventures like this? To make meaningful contributions to society that you know will directly impact the lives of others?

We are happy to tell you that, through our Learner Support Program (LSP), you can! You can provide support and be anonymous or identified. 

The LSP has been established so that persons who are unable to afford class fees can receive sponsorship from organizations or individuals who would like to provide assistance. 

If you would like to impact lives by investing in someone else, contact us at for details on assistance options available or to begin a conversation on your support ideas.

Thank you for your interest!


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