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               Sewing Class at it's best! Available throughout the year.


Theory, Demonstration & Practice included in every session. That's why our learners do well and you will too!! Click here to register for a program  



Beginner's Garment (3 months  |   Registration fee US$10    |   monthly fee US$62)

Our Beginners Garment Sewing Class is suitable for persons with little or no sewing experience, as well as, for those who are looking to strengthen their cutting skills and build confidence. 

Learners who select this program are tutored in fabricating different styles of skirts as well as peasant blouses. The program sets a strong foundation for sewing students, by teaching basic need-to-knows  including sewing machine parts, tools and their uses and more. At class, each student is assigned a sewing machine for working on class projects. Register here. 


Intermediate Garment (3 or 4 months    |    Registration fee US$10   |   monthly fee US$62 monthly)

The Intermediate Garment Program is structured for persons with sewing experience who can successfully complete the areas covered in our Beginner's Garment Sewing Class without assistance. 

Learners who register for this program are taught to fabricate dresses and structured blouses with various necklines as well as to construct women's trousers. Registration here.


Home-Decor-Plus (3 months    |    Registration fee  US$10    |   monthly fee US$62)

We developed this signature sewing program especially for persons with no sewing experience who want to beautify their homes without bursting the budget each time! This formidable program teaches projects that allow participants to earn while they learn. 

The class is also well suited for seasoned seamstresses who want to strengthen their skills in home décor items like bed linen, window dressings, soft furnishings, plus projects like bags and even pot holders. The marketing sessions provide valuable lessons for persons already operating or going into sewing businesses.

If you want to fast track your sewing career or tighten your home-décor creation skills... This is definitely the class for you! Register here 


Children's Sewing Club (8-13 years   | Registration fee US$10   |   monthly fee  US$ 35)

We are proud to say that this is the first and only sewing class in Dominica developed especially for children!

The program runs for one year and generally follows the regular school year with coinciding vacation periods. 

In this class, your child will learn hand sewing skills and sewing machine use. We teach the young sewers to fabricate a range of items using age appropriate skills that we build on as they improve. 

We've made this program so much fun... they don't even realize it's work!

Register your child here.



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