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Online Class Details

Hi There! 


We are happy for your interest in our online Beginner’s Garment Class. This program is specially structured to give our learners the best result! 

The class extends for three (3) months and consists of twelve (12) 90-minute class sessions and four 30-minute pair-sessions. At our pair-sessions, two random students will connect with the tutor for review of individual work and any further explanations required. 

Below is a list of areas covered in our Beginner’s Garment Online Class:  

  • Sewing Machine parts and use
  • Measurement taking
  • Custom Pattern drafting
  • Freehand cutting
  • Skirt styles
    • Straight Skirt
    • Pencil Skirt
    • Flare skirt
  • Constructing a simple peasant styled blouse
  • Attaching bias binding
  • Creating a French seam
  • Installing waistbands
  • Installing zippers
  • Installing buttonholes 

This class provides our students with a comprehensive overview of custom sewing which allows for completing professionally made garments with easy-to-follow classes and tutor interaction.

Take this class and enter the world of custom garment construction. Boost your confidence. Save money. Or simply learn a new hobby that can be part of your retirement plan to bring in extra income.

Click this link to register  or contact our office for further details at or call 767-448-4955  8:00 a.m – 5:00p.m. AST. 767-614-8445 is available after office hours.

 Payment plans available:
- One-time Fee                          $500.00
- Three monthly payments        $180.00

We look forward to seeing you in class!

Royal Globe Inc.