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About Us


Royal Globe Inc. is a Vocational Education and Garment Manufacturing Company operating in Dominica. The company was founded in April 2015 as a solution to unemployment and as a means of teaching people living in Dominica skills they can learn and implement quickly. Through our regular sewing classes and other programs, we fulfill our mission to improve lives by equipping people with skills that enable self-employment and self-sufficiency.


Our programs target people who desire to be entrepreneurs, those who are employed but would like to earn extra income and those who prefer to be self-sufficient and save money completing items for personal use. 


We offer sewing classes at four levels - three adult programs and the only sewing class in Dominica that caters specifically to children 8 to 13 years old.  We provide periodical training in a variety of other handcrafts, including crochet, teddy bear making, doll decorating, soap making , and other skills that can be mastered quickly. To this date, we have held more than 40 programs and trained over 500 people in various vocational areas. For us, it is always a joy to see our trainees successfully using the skills learned through our programs. We take pride in showcasing their work on our Facebook Page (view RGI Facebook page heresign up for a sewing program here). 


 Under our brand  'Vee’s Couture'Royal Globe provides custom and ready-made clothing in a   variety of styles including Dominica's National Dress, the Wòb Dwiyèt, and other Creole wear.  Our clients benefit from advice on fit and suitability to their body type and the best pieces for different events. In 2017, photos of a few of our pieces were featured in Mélange Magazine July issue.


Vee’s Couture is a working model demonstrating to our sewing program participants how they can use the skills acquired at our programs for meaningful employment.

Visit the Vee's Couture Store here.





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