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Our Mission

"To improve lives by equipping people with skills to enable self employment and self sufficiency"

“Leading You to Excellence!”

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"From someone who could not use a needle and thread, to being able to make Curtains, sheets, pillows, and cushion covers. I have come a long way with this program. I even tried my hand and uplifting clothing. 

Thanks to the Home Decor Plus program and the wonderful assistance and support of our tutors Ms. Durand and Ms. Prince!!!"

Amy Rapha - Home-Decor-Plus Sewing Program

"I took on this program with one mind set which was one day learning to make my own curtains, sheet sets, etc. I can say I have accomplished that goal an more. I never knew I had it in me to sew and make bags now I love making bags!

The tutors were excellent, very great at explaining all the steps to making different products.

I would recommend any young person to do this program. It's an opportunity to learn a skill and making money whilst doing so."

Antoinette Beaupierre - Home-Decor Plus, Beginner's Garment & Intermediate Garment

The program has taught me much more, with the great help and tutoring of Ms. Prince. With Ms. Prince you always leave better skilled than you entered. I would do any Program with her again and again.

"My time was NOT wasted".

Valda James - Beginner's Garment Program

" I enjoyed the experience of strengthening my skill which is sewing and being able to finish the program knowing i learnt something." 

Selena Bria - Beginners Sewing

"The program was very informative and hands on. I learnt a lot which I will definitely put into action. Thanks so much Ms. Avena for the extra time you took with me, ensuring I understood and practiced as I had no sewing machine."

Jemima Amy Cuffy - Home Decor Plus

"I'd give this class one hundred thumb's up and recommend anyone interested in this program to try it out. At the beginning of this program there was some many things I thought were easy, but when i got to know how this really go and how it is done it was way different from my thoughts and the things i thought was hard wasn't at all. therefore I recommend anyone interested that they should join!"

Shayen Lloyd - Home'Decor'Plus

"For all those who need the basics in sewing and even in need of the skill for skirt making, this is the place for you. An excellent program for all who want to improve their skills. Great facilitation."

Gracie Lawrence - Beginner's Garment

"Overall an exciting class! Fully recommend for anyone interested in learning how to sew or wishing to improve skills."

Alfreda Joan Paul - Beginner's Garment

"I think the Royal Globe Inc. is doing a great job of teaching and training young people so that they can equip themselves better. All the topics covered are very good to improve our homes and things contained therein.

I love the program.

Thanks miss"

Gail Benjamin - Home'Decor'Plus

"This program is a very beneficial program to anyone who is looking to learn a new skill, learn something new or if one wants to expand on their sewing in terms of learning to sew something new or different"

Kendra Joseph - Home'Decor'Plus

"Very informative and productive program, helpful and relaxing atmosphere which enabled learning."

Rhoda - Home'Decor'Plus

"Great class, great tutor, great classmates, I would recommend the Sewing Garment class to my friends and co workers.

Overall the Garment sewing class is excellent and on point,

Thank you very much, Love Sandra P.

Sandra Peter - Beginner's Garment

"Royal Globe Inc. has made it possible for our seamstresses to be educated on the construction of our National wear. The program offered are very educational and offers the Dominican public the opportunity to be self-employed and young entrepreneurs."

Deborah Detouche-Laville - Wob Dwiyet program

'Home Decor Plus was an exceptional program. The tutors were knowledgeable of the subject matter and delivered the instructions clearly. Demonstrations were excellent and i learned a lot.

The atmosphere was warm and very conducive for learning . I look forward to continued collaboration and communication with your organization.

I thank you for such a great learning opportunity."

Enzinga Eleanor Darroux - Home'Decor'Plus

"Although I had experience in sewing, this class was very interactive. The participants were very helpful and sharing.

The tutor had a lot of patience as well.

I would recommend this class to anyone who is willing to learn a new skill or develop an existing one.

Carine Fevicer - Home'Decor;Plus

"It was a very challenging program, I never knew how to use a sewing machine and now I can use it with my eyes closed.

I would like to encourage everybody to be a part of this program, do it for yourself. If it was not for this program i would be paying someone to do my throw pillows and curtains for me. Now I am an independent person and can do it for others.

I never knew curtains had different names, now i know about Tap top half loop and Rod pocket thanks to everyone involved.

Agatha Moses - Home'Decor'Plus

"For me this program has benefited me, as it has helped me to use a machine and to do my little things for my home in my own way. It has helped me to save money, I do not have to pay anyone to do anything for me and i am encouraging others to take this program seriously as it will benefit them in the long run. Special thanks to Globe Inc. and Women Bureau and continue the good work.

Pamella Henry Baron - Home'Decor'Plus