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Online Sewing Classes

We have specially tailored our online classes so you get the BEST value!

At Royal Globe Inc., our sewing classes have always been structured to ensure our learners grasp concepts well and become confident sewers constructing professional quality pieces they can be proud of. 

Class Make Up

Our online programs comprise weekly 90-minute sessions for  a period of 3 months. Students also receive a 30 minute Peer-Session where their individual work will be critiqued once monthly. 

Each class includes a review of past project, learning new concepts and practice. 

 Why Take This Class

  • Sewing sessions with a tutor will ensure you grasp concepts and do well 
  • Comfortable learning pace                                                                       
  • Detailed sessions guarantee satisfying results                      
  • Multiple techniques to give you options to use                            
  • Our YouTube Channel  (RGI Easy Sewings) provides support  
  • Effective teaching method                                                                             
  • Reduced spending as you use your new skill - Guaranteed                      
  • Increased income / Start your sewing business                                    
  • Sewing is a rewarding hobby

Beginner's Garment Online  (US$500)

Our Beginner's Garment Sewing Class is suitable for persons with little or no sewing experience, as well as, for those who are looking to strengthen their cutting skills and build confidence sewing. 

Learners who select this program are tutored in fabricating different styles of skirts as well as peasant (off-shoulder) blouses. The program sets a strong foundation for sewing students, and entails basic concepts that sewing professionals require for success. Sign up here

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