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Floral Wòb DwiyètThe WOB DWIYET (or the Dwiyèt) is the national dress of the Commonwealth of Dominica. It's design was conceived by freed slave women in the French Caribbean Territories (Dominica was one among them) at a time when former slaves were prohibited from wearing the same attire as the 'Grand Blanc' (White French Plantation Owners). The women of African descent designed the Wòb Dwiyèt, combining their heritage with French culture and the fashion of the day to give us this high-fashioned ensemble. 

Today, Dominican women wear the Dwiyèt during the country's independence season, for state functions and to represent Dominica overseas. The dress is a formidable piece that Dominican women and women with Dominican heritage wear with pride all around the world.


THE GWAN WOMadras Wòb DwiyètB
This is the outer garment. The traditional piece is made with either floral, striped, checkered, jacquard, satin embossed and more recently madras patterned fabric. The front is plain except for a few small pleats at the shoulder and an opening at the front to which fasteners are attached for closure. The back of the dress is very detailed with pleated patterns on the skirting and bodice. The attire is partially lined.

The original 'Foula' was a triangular shawl made with satin or chiffon. Specific colors are used according to the dominant color of the Gwan Wòb.

The 'Gwan Jipon' is cotton with a drawstring waist and consists of multiple layers of lace. The many layers of lace help to enhance the piece. In the old days, the petticoat sometimes cost more than the Gwan Wob. Often, to reduce the cost the ladies would add a layer every year (instead of spending so much all at once)!

At Vee's Couture, we construct both traditional and modern Wòb Dwiyèt designs. Our pieces are available both as ready-to-wear and bespoke designs. Each Dwiyèt is uniquely designed that despite colour and size,  there are no duplicates. For certain, this is one of our most enjoyable pieces to create!

In our 'Wòb Dwiyèt plus' Collection you will find an assortment of Dwiyèts completed for our distinguished clients. Perhaps their choices can guide you in making yours.  Upon viewing them, I am sure you will agree that for sure, the Wòb Dwiyèt, the national Dress of Dominica brings out the radiant beauty of the Femmes Dominique!


Floral Wòb Dwiyèt***  Contact us here  for a quote for a Wòb Dwiyèt. Tell us what details and fabric you would like as well as if you would like the Grand Wòb,  Petticoat and Foula, or only one item. We will respond to your message within one day of receipt. For faster responses call us at 767-448-4955 (office) / 767-614-8445 (mobile) or include your contact number in your correspondence.
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